Deep Violet Records is a Christian music label. A small and 'lo-fi' privately run work, Deep Violet Records

was set up in response to a large presence of unknown talented Christian composers and singer/writers who would not normally afford professional studio costs and wish to avoid a contractual arrangement over their music.

Deep Violet Records ministry is open to any Christian songwriter / singer, who may not have immediate access to releasing their music in a safe and protected way. With these difficulties in mind we have created a simple label facilitiy where the music can be taken care of from composition through to mixing, production, copyrighting and registration, all under one name.

To that extent, Deep Violet Records has been set up to allow single one-off productions to be created, without the need for the signing of contracts . 
Videos can also be registered.

As a voluntary Christian ministry we have very sound scriptural principles we work by. There is a large 30 years' worth of personal worship leading experience in the house, so even a simple question is valued!

We have made this site easy to use and understand, and we hope we can be of service to both you, your message, and of course, the furtherance of the Gospel.