We can create arrangements and compositions based around your lyrics, either from scratch or to a tune or melody you already have. Although our in-house sound is electronic/dance based, we can accommodate most kinds of music.
We are not able to accommodate large bands, large instrument sets, etc... apologies!


As part of the service, we can create a "cover" for your online mp3. If you desire your image to be on the cover, we will need a good photo from you and any other images you may want to incorporate.


All mixing and mastering is done in-house; we do not ever out-source this service. Aside from material we create for you, we can accept music files for remixing and mastering. We produce a master wav file, a hi-res mp3 and a lo-res mp3 (for streaming). We archive the files for your convenience and peace of mind.


There are no contracts required in the traditional sense. We are happy to simply regard each piece of work with you as individual tasks. Be aware that it's not possible to deregister the work from the PRS or PPL. Numbers have to be transferred between publishers and labels within the PRS. We are not interested in tying anyone up with unsustainable commitments.


Deep Violet Records can register your work, offering your songs and videos copyright protection. This can cover online streaming, broadcasting online, radio or TV broadcasts.


ADDITIONAL: Sync-licensing is now available for your audio works, even if it's on a video. This means if someone else - anyone - wants to use your music for any other reason, even if it's only a piece of it, they have to pay you. Isn't that nice?